About Us

A Robust Platform that Enables Smart Manufacturing Ideas

We are OEM NEWS, a comprehensive online news ecosystem dedicated to global business & manufacturing news. The new age news portal is backed by its holding company, Vibhaga group. The north bound group is now invested in the task of launching a host of news portal augmenting the information needs of people from diverse domains. Spirituality, general news, careers, trading & manufacturing are some of the areas where Vibhaga backed news portals would be rendering information dissemination services.

Vibhaga Group is headquartered in Hyderabad, India and since its inception in 2016 has been fully engaged in knowledge and news wealth creation. Spear headed by Umesh Yellaboina, a young entrepreneur and a computer science engineering graduate by qualification, the group is right now pursuing an aggressive growth agenda. The group’s expertise also spans critical areas including Web Application Development, Mobile Apps Development, Custom Software Application, Web Hosting Services, Cloud Computing Tech Services and allied areas. The organization’s in-house capabilities enable it to deliver cutting edge software development services across multiple industry sectors.

The Product Portfolio

The comprehensive product portfolio of Vibhaga Group includes the following:

  • OEM NEWS – The website version of the offering has been launched recently with an android App version in Google Playstore. It’s an exclusive product dedicated to creation, curation and aggregating news related to the larger OEM spectrum worldwide. It’s a virtual encyclopaedia of vital OEM news.
  • OEM Factories – Trade Portal – This is a massive ecosystem that’s being transitioned from idea to product stage. It features all the significant information that connects plants/factories with potential manufacturers without the technical wherewithal for production of goods. It provides all the critical information including, location, facilities, statutory compliances, regulations, policies and more pertaining to the manufacturing sector.
  • Temples Vibhaga Portal (Website & Android App) – Launched & Live: The portal aggregates information about all major temples & tourist attractions across the world and presents it on one unified online portal. The information includes details like location, history, rituals, important dates, facilities etc.
  • Jobs Vibhaga  – A job portal (Website & Android App) – The soon to be launched portal is visualized as a bridge between aspirants and corporate firms from diverse business domains. It’s a one stop online shop that features job listings and also allows aspirants to upload their CVs.
  • News Vibhaga (Website) – This work in progress website showcases news from across the globe pertaining to various walks of life. The general news website that features news, trends, developments, people etc., acts as a window to what’s going on across the world.


OEM NEWS – Core Focus Area

OEM News is an authentic e-magazine featuring Global Business & Manufacturing News. This includes latest news updates, incisive content from multiple industry sectors, articles with actionable inputs and more. OEM NEWS facilitates learning, guides aspirants on how to start, market & grow a profitable business, management fundamentals, leadership development, broader market strategies etc. The larger objective of OEM News is to provide authentic and uninterrupted news/information related to Original End Manufacturers on a sustained format. OEM News is the group’s first offering and acts as a flagship product. Vibhaga Group wishes to leverage the market presence of OEM NEWS to create traction for its other products in pipeline. Simply put, the product is a mission critical enablement tool for aspiring entrepreneurs offering enormous information on one single platform.

Original and Fresh Content – Our Key Differentiator

Vibhaga has empanelled subject matter experts and content creators drawn from a wide cross section of business domains. The seasoned professionals publish well researched content that’s crisp, authentic and analytics driven. The content wealth creation at Vibhaga is powered by experts from across the world each specializing in a niche area.


The organization’s functionality is driven by a set of highly motivated professionals. The core team is headed by Umesh Yellaboina, founder & proprietor of Vibhaga Group. He gets to the table rich and varied experience pertaining to sales & marketing, digital marketing, content strategies and continuum. He is also a consultant marketing and business development professional for a host of upwardly mobile organizations.


To be recognized as the single largest digital platform engaged in creation of content wealth pertaining to diverse domains including spirituality, careers, marketing, manufacturing and allied areas.


To leverage skilled expertise, cutting edge infrastructure and industry best practices to evolve as a massive knowledge and news ecosystem spanning diverse domains across the business spectrum; to grow into a trusted and ‘go to’ digital platform that provides information, actionable inputs and other critical information spanning almost all the significant business domains on a sustained format.

Emphasis on ethics

Vibhaga Group functions on a set of solid business ethics with a zero-tolerance policy for any deviations. Please learn more about our ethics framework here.