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Leopard Imaging Partners With Valens Semiconductor for VA7000 Chipsets

Leopard Imaging is keen to develop a camera module with the help of VA7000 MIPI A-PHY Chipsets created by Valens Semiconductor.

This partnership will help both giants create the first-off-the-shelf camera module, which is MIPI A-PHY- based and meant to help automotive OEMs and Tier 1s reduce time to market. 

Valens Semiconductor and Leopard Imaging Inc come together to announce their partnership. The ulterior motive of this partnership is to design a camera module to reduce the time to market the A-PHY-based systems of automotive OEMs and Tier 1s. 

The Motive of the Partnership

The A-PHY standard is significant for the automotive industry to comply with, as the IEEE has adopted it. Consequently, several automotive OEMs today evaluate the A-PHY- compliant VA7000 chipsets created by Valens Semiconductor. They will integrate these chipsets into their ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) platforms. 

Leopard Imaging will be the design house for ADAS, machine vision, and other A-PHY-based systems in this partnership. The resultant product will simplify the integration of MPIP A-PHY and Valens VA7000 chipsets in the cars. It will be the first of its kind and include an advanced automotive sensor. Leopard Imaging will add additional sensors and drivers to support other processors connected with Valens Semiconductor VA7000 chipsets. 

The Head of Automotive at Valens, Gideon Kedem, understands the momentum the MIPI A-PHY ecosystem is gaining in the market. He is confident that the new module will help increase the market adoption of ADAS and other A-PHY-based solutions. 

About Valens Semiconductor

It is a premier provider of solutions to the automotive and audio-video market that facilitate high-speed connectivity. With HDBaseT technology and chipsets integrated into many products across industries, it leads by example. Valens Semiconductor is also a key enabler in the evolution of ADAS. 

About Leopard Imaging Inc.

Leopard Imaging Inc is a global leader in designing and manufacturing embedded vision systems. It provides HD-embedded cameras and AI-based solutions to improve image processing in vehicles, drones, IoT, healthcare devices, etc. Leopard Imaging is an elite NVIDIA and AWS Partner Network member and works closely with Sony. It has offered solutions to big names, including Microsoft, Google, Boston Dynamics, Amazon, etc.


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