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Short-Range LiDAR Gets a Boost: Innoviz to Partner with Major OEM for L4 Cars

Discover how Innoviz’s latest short-range LiDAR is all set to be included in a major OEM’s L4 autonomous driving platform, creating a safe and powerful future of self-driving.

In a recent update, the collaboration between Innoviz Technologies and an automotive OEM has been released. Here, the leading Tier 1 direct supplier of high-performing automotive-grade LiDAR sensors and perception software, Innoviz, will help advance an automotive OEM’s Level 4 autonomous vehicle capabilities. 

Therefore, this collab ensures Innoviz’s new short-range LiDARs into the OEM’s L4 autonomous driving platform. With the help of this collaboration, the two companies expect a series of production nominations in the upcoming months, pending agreement of commercial terms. 

Omer Keilaf, the CEO and Co-Founder of Innoviz Technologies, in a statement said, “This is an exciting moment for Innoviz as we collaborate with a major global OEM on a new product. As the L4 market is starting to ramp up, we are happy to be able to provide a complete set of solutions to meet the needs of OEMs worldwide and support the acceleration of AV adoption across all sectors.” 

Innoviz’s short-range LiDAR joins the InnovizTwo product platform alongside InnovizTwo long-range and InnovizTwo Slim. The new addition possesses high-resolution detection and has an over 90-degree vertical field of view. It is designed to meet the necessities for light commercial vehicles, trucks, shuttles, and robotaxis. 

The company has spent six months in a development phase in order to meet the OEM’s stringent RFQ (Request for Quotation) needs. As the OEM has planned to integrate multiple short-range LiDARs for each of its L4 autonomous vehicles, the collaboration between the two companies is believed to create a powerful and safe autonomous driving experience. 

About Innoviz Technologies

As a global pioneer in LiDAR technology, Innoviz Technologies is noted to be a Tier 1 supplier of the world’s largest working automobile manufacturers. Its main aim is to create a future where safe autonomous vehicles become the norm. The LiDAR and perception software created by Innoviz is seen as being better than a human driver. This reduces the possibility of any form of error while satisfying the automobile industry’s highest performance and safety standards. 

Innoviz operates all over the United States, Europe, and Asia. Internationally recognized premium car brands have also selected Innoviz for use in consumer vehicles. Other commercial and industrial leaders have also chosen the company for a variety of use cases.


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