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SUN Mobility Seals Groundbreaking Agreement with IndianOil

Discover how the groundbreaking agreement between SUN Mobility and IndianOil is revolutionizing India's transport sector, leading the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

By 2030, one of the most significant networks of battery-swapping infrastructure will be established and introduced by a joint venture. The collaboration will be between SUN Mobility, a leading company that provides energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles, and IndianOil, a diverse and integrated energy player.

This can be considered a merge of SUN Mobility’s advanced energy solutions expertise with the vast network and assets of IndianOil.The partnership intends to establish a consistent battery-swapping process that is readily accessible to electric vehicle operators throughout the nation. The coordinated effort between them demonstrates the dedication both firms have towards the promotion of renewable power systems while simultaneously enhancing initiatives towards eco-friendly means of transport in India.

IndianOil and SUN Mobility have set forth growth strategies for their joint venture that will see it establish atleast 10,000 such stations across more than 40 cities. All of these are set to take place within the next three years. This initiative is expected to make it easier for people to use electric motorcycles, electric auto rickshaws and small electric cars with a convenient “Battery as a service” (BaaS) solution.

There are 20 cities in which SUN Mobility supports more than 25,000 electric vehicles at 630+ stations. It also includes 50,000+ smart batteries in operation across India. Each month, these stations manage over a million battery swaps for various categories of two-wheeler consumers.

Chetan Maini, the co-founder and chairman of SUN Mobility, made a significant announcement about the company and its plans on World Environment Day. “When we started seven years ago, we aimed to ensure that electric vehicles were less expensive, save people the agony of running out of charge and ensure that it takes a very short time to charge. Ever since then, we have created the world’s leading open architecture platform for battery swapping. It is compatible with different types of electric vehicles across multiple OEMs. It will also be used worldwide through collaboration with the largest energy companies in the world.”

This partnership is designed to take full advantage of over 37,000 gas stations that are owned by IndianOil and SUN Mobility’s progressive battery swapping tech to enable swapping as easy as refiling petrol or diesel. 

This concept will make electric vehicles more user-friendly across the nation by providing Battery as a Service (BaaS). This approach targets the commonly expressed troubles concerning battery price, maintenance, replacement, and time consumption for charging. 

About Indian Oil

IndianOil is placed among the largest and most highly regarded companies in India. It has secured the first position in the list of Indian energy public sector undertakings (PSUs) in the Fortune 500 rankings. IndianOil revealed a Revenue from Operations of ₹8,66,345 crores for the financial year 2023-24. IndianOil covers the entire hydrocarbon value chain as a diversified, integrated energy major.

IndianOil has expanded its footprint into alternative and renewable energy, exploring numerous sustainable energy solutions in recent times. The firm boasts of a labor force exceeding 30,000 members and possesses sophisticated research and development structures, besides vast infrastructure. Over a billion people in India benefit from its widespread network consisting of more than sixty thousand customer touchpoints found throughout the nation.

In Sri Lanka, Mauritius, the UAE and other countries, IndianOil manifests its global ambitions by having a solid business presence; this displays a determination to grow beyond national boundaries and sustain eco-friendly energy practices.

About SUN Mobility

SUN Mobility was formed in 2017 through a partnership between the SUN Group and the Maini Group and has since become India’s leading provider of battery-swapping technology. They are pioneers in electric mobility and clean energy. Moreover, the company has received significant investments from industry leaders, including Bosch, which provides top-class car technologies and Vitol, which is a renowned international energy trader.

SUN Mobility has introduced a groundbreaking energy system, Smart Batteries, Quick Interchange Stations, and a Smart Network that links them all. Over 630 Swap Points™ are already operating in India’s 20 cities. To date, over 465 million kilometers worth of activity has been gauged by way of this infrastructure, while more than 20 million batteries have gone through this system.

SUN Mobility has saved around 63,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions through the measures it has put in place to find eco-friendly solutions for transportation, a significant step towards making the environment better.


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