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Advanced LiDAR development agreement between Baraja and Veoneer

The collaboration comes as Baraja works to build Spectrum HD25's next-generation automotive integration.

In order to achieve the necessary scale for automotive integration more quickly, Baraja and its partner, Tier 1 automotive supplier Veoneer, entered into the agreement.

The Collaboration

Baraja’s LiDAR technology has undergone a thorough engineering sample evaluation by Veoneer. This is a significant accomplishment for Baraja; it will strengthen the effectiveness of the technology at the automotive scale. Veoneer carefully considered 70 LiDAR technology companies worldwide before collaborating with Baraja. Baraja was chosen because of its reliable product and technological roadmap, which makes it one of the smallest-size LiDAR technologies to enable extensive vehicle integration.¬†

The advanced development agreement represents a significant leap for the Spectrum HD25 product’s automotive integration by bringing together global experts in vehicle safety and showcasing the product’s backing from Tier One, OEMs, and partners. According to the agreement, Baraja will move on to the following phase of Spectrum HD25 development. Since joining forces, Baraja and Veoneer have collaborated closely and built a solid alliance to offer LiDAR technology to major automakers worldwide.

About Baraja

Federico Collarte and Cibby Pulikkaseril, two telecom engineers, founded Baraja in 2016 after coming up with a means to employ optical fiber and photonics technology, a tried-and-true solution, to address the issues with traditional LiDAR. Sequoia, Blackbird Ventures, Hitachi Construction Machinery, and Main Sequence Ventures all support Baraja.

Baraja, a deep technology startup, recreated LiDAR for self-driving cars. A ground-breaking solid-state LiDAR developed by Baraja paves the way for future advancements. Baraja wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Global New Product Innovation Award in the automotive LiDAR sector thanks to its outstanding overall performance.

About Veoneer

Active safety and restraint control systems are the specialty of Veoneer, a global pioneer in automobile safety. Over 125 vehicle launches are slated for 2022, with Veoneer serving as a Tier-1 hardware supplier and system integrator. We are a team of about 6,100 employees using cutting-edge technologies to stop road accidents from happening and lessen their effects when they are unavoidable. The company is extending a legacy of nearly 70 years of progress in car safety.

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