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Dominion DMS’s Digitally Smart Integration with AutoPoint’s MP

Entering a new era of seamless communication services with an incredible platform, maximising productivity and profits.

Rising demands around digital automotive solutions, the Dominion DMS integrates with AutoPoint’s Multi-Point Inspection, helping dealers adapt to existing market requirements.

With the rapidly changing times, it’s vital to adapt to an evolving landscape to serve our customer’s needs. Dominion DMS has always been relevant in the needs of the existing services, partnering with automotive dealers and making the job hassle free

The company remains faithful to the expectations of US-based clients to provide them with the security and flexibility they deserve. To make things efficient, the Dominion DMS integrates with AutoPoint’s Multi-Point Inspection to increase net profits and productivity.

Utilising SecureVUE to get real-time solutions

SecureVUE is a full-service command centre providing seamless and real-time communication at your door. This integration is an initiative to adjust to the demands of the new digital processes driving the service market dynamics.

Integration with AutoPoint’s MPI to serve the dealers

AutoPoint is an effective platform that provides a novel vehicle ownership experience with incredibly good automotive services. This robust software suite provides a permanent solution to address sales and customer retention without violating data privacy guidelines.

Partnering with AutoPoint’s API serves the Dominion DMS by keeping every employee on the same page, prioritising the team’s productivity and improving response time. It helps cater to the needs of a saturated automotive market with a better and hassle-free customer experience.

On the other hand, the valuable relationships with Dominion DMS’s technology partners signify the value of cloud-native VUE-DMS in addressing the issues revolving around the automotive industry. This partnership’s benefits are:

  • Providing speedy and consistent results for electronic inspections.
  • The entire team can use the same system while the exception report alerts are sent to the teams’ devices.
  • Providing real-time reports and alerts to improve management techniques.
  • Excellent photo support and capabilities to serve the customer’s actual vehicle grievances.
  • Featuring the parts catalogue integration to the dealers with accuracy.


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