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Asia-Based Automotive OEM selects Innoviz Technologies as the Leading Supplier of LiDAR

Innoviz Technology will provide its LiDAR technologies to an Asian automotive giant and start generating revenues in 2024.

Innoviz is a leading provider of high-performance LiDAR that has now expanded its geographical extent by starting a business with an Asian automotive company. 

An Asia-based company which is the leader in the OEM industry has selected Innoviz Technologies Ltd. for LiDAR supply. Innoviz technologies provide high-performance LiDAR technologies such as sensors and perception software. Innoviz will start by supplying Innoviz-Two LiDAR sensors to the company to position in vehicles, upgrading to full L3 Automation. 

The CEO and Co-founder of Innoviz, Omer Keilaf, said they are proud to achieve this progress. They wish to strengthen its position by becoming the leading supplier of autonomous vehicles. They aim to support this program for all levels of autonomous driving to transition to complete L3 automation. This selection demonstrates the capabilities of Innoviz as the number one supplier to the leading car makers. They wish to expand to additional geographies in the coming years. 

About the Partnership

The selected solution is the fourth major design win for Innoviz and the second nomination for passenger vehicle production as a direct supplier. It follows the partnership of Innoviz with Volkswagen in which they will collaborate to integrate Innoviz’s technology into Volkswagen vehicles. 

With this partnership, Innoviz will begin offering its state-of-the-art LiDAR solutions to an Asian automotive giant. The partnership is forecasted to start generating revenues during the fiscal year 2024. 

About Innoviz Technologies

Innoviz is a global leader in generating and providing LiDAR technology across industries for varying applications. This technology helps automotive companies create safe autonomous vehicles. The LiDAR software has better capabilities than humans to find errors and meet the industry’s expectations. It reduces the possibility of error and ensures performance and security in the vehicles generated. Innoviz has been selected by premium car brands across the US, Europe and Asia. This technology is used in consumer and commercial, and industrial vehicles. 

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