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BorgWarner Deepens Collaboration with XPeng for eMotor Business

BorgWarner has reported a great eMotor business venture with XPeng for their two high-voltage hairpin (HVH). It is to be used on XPeng’s two future SUV models.

In a recent announcement made by BorgWarner, a transformative global product leader, two high-voltage hairpin (HVH) eMotor business deals have been made. This has been done with XPeng, a Chinese Smart EV manufacturer. XPeng is to use BorgWarner’s products on two up-and-coming SUV models. The plan for the production has been slated for 2025. 

The recently secured contracts mention BorgWarner’s eMotor systems- an advanced oil-cooled 800V. Specially customized for the EVs, they comprise of the stator as well as rotor components. BorgWarner’s HVH220 eMotor promises great power and torque density, improved efficiency, and penultimate durability. 

The HVH220 eMotor also features BorgWarner’s specially patented high-voltage hairpin winding technology. It operates within an 800V propulsion system. The motor solution possesses a 220mm stator outer diameter. This integrates propriety stator insulation and fixed magnet rotor enhancements, that ensure unparalleled durability and credibility. 

BorgWarner addressed the need for improved performance in high-power motors, showcasing their oil-cooled solutions. By using the gearbox oil to cool the motor, their technology optimizes heat transfer and the efficiency of the overall thermal management. Furthermore, the direct rotor oil cooling system effectively extracts heat from the electric motor core and facilitates higher power density and torque. 

In the announcement, Dr. Stefan Demmerle, the president and General Manager of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, stated, “We are thrilled to expand our eMotor business with XPeng and build upon our years-long partnership with them. As we continuously evolve our HVH technology, we are dedicated to delivering maximum efficiency for our customer’s two future SUV models”.


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