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Redefining Smart Mobility: AUO’s Smart Cockpit to Take Center Stage at Touch Taiwan 2024

Discover the revolutionary change brought in by AUO as their award-winning Smart Cockpit 2024 offers unlimited smart display potential at Touch Taiwan 2024

The Touch Taiwan Display International will take place on 24, 25, and 26 April 2024 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, with the presence of AUO, an enthusiastic technology-driven company.  

The surge of smart vehicles worldwide has led smart cockpits to emerge as a critical component for future automakers’ success. With a sustainable future in mind, AUO has created the Smart Cockpit 2024, which will be unveiled at Touch Taiwan and aims to take the idea of smart mobility to great heights. Built having a 55-inch pillar-to-pillar curved AmLED display, the Smart Cockpit combines features of smooth touch control, in-built sensors and cameras, along with an ergonomic design that will help reduce energy consumption.

AUO’s Smart Cockpit 2024 uses micro-LED technology and introduces significant innovations such as the “Rollable RSE” and the “Interactive Transparent Window”. These will allow for the dynamic display of images and information during interaction within the vehicle and also offer extended entertainment. 

Furthermore, this new generation Smart Cockpit 2024 possesses upgrades not just in terms of its visuals but also in its intuitive controls. It allows for an immersive experience through a plethora of Display Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, facilitating seamless integration of interior and exterior display functions, using intelligent lighting solutions, and uplifting human-machine interaction. 

In collaboration with BHTC, a Tier 1 automotive supplier specializing in automotive HMI and climate control systems, AUO expands its capabilities in smart mobility solutions. BHTC’s comfort-focused product line, showcased at Touch Taiwan 2024, complements AUO’s display technology with intelligent control experiences for global automotive OEMs.

About AUO

Established in 1996, AUO has decades of experience as a world-class innovator in display technologies and solutions. The technology-driven company, passionate about advancing the technology frontier, has successful operations across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Known for playing a vital role in attaining a sustainable vision for the future, its display panels help connect users to various branches of technology easily.

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