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VIA Motors and EAVX to partner and develop Class 2-5 Electric Trucks

VIA Motors to collaborate with EAVX and design Class 2-5 Electric trucks beginning with a Class 2b Delivery Van, with initial proofs to be released by 2023

EAVX (A business unit from the house of JB Poindexter & Co. widely known as JBPCO) to design & develop the prototype of the new vehicle featuring VIA’s proprietary VDRIVE Skateboard technology. And Morgan Olson to manufacture the body.

Bob Purcell, CEO of VIA Motors, says they are working on affordable electric trucks that are preferred and comfortable for drivers to change last & mid-mile delivery. With this collaboration, pairing Industry popular VDRIVE Skateboard technology and EAVX’s innovative walk-in van concept, they strive to develop technology that delivers a smooth, quiet, and ergonomically pleasing driver experience.

Mark Hope, COO and General Manager of EAVX, says they are thrilled with this strategic collaboration with VIA to transform the world’s largest fleets for a more sustainable future. He added, like EAVX, VIA is also an innovation-centered company, and EAVX has been at the forefront of collaborating with fellow leaders in the industry.

Together, they aim to develop Class 2-5 Electric Work Trucks, beginning with a Class 2b Delivery Van utilizing VIA’s fully customizable electric “skateboard” (low floor) platform with a range of features that include

  • 3-in-1 drive system 
  • Improved battery storage area to accommodate multiple sizes of batteries, 
  • High cargo-volume efficiency
  • Driver-forward design to enhance the visibility, and 
  • Industry-leading turn radius and maneuverability.

About EAVX

EAVX is a subsidiary business unit and innovation hub of JB Poindexter & Co. It partners with the most advanced and popular EV & alternate chassis producers in the industry & allows them to focus on their proprietary & revolutionary technologies.

About VIA Motors

VIA Motors is one of the leading commercial vehicle companies with advanced drive technology and delivering sustainable mobility solutions. VIA Motors designs and manufactures electric-commercial vehicles with superior life-cycle economics, for use across a broad cross-section of the global fleet customer base.


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