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VIA Motors Collaborates with AUSEV To Boost EV Adoption in Australia

The partnership of VIA Motors and AUSEV will convert VTRUX chassis cabs and vans to right-hand drives for the Australian market.

VIA Motors and AUSEV will work together to accelerate Australia’s commercial electric vehicle (EV) market electrification. Delivery of 6,500 commercial EVs is expected in 2024

A Collaboration To Expand The Commercial EV Market in Australia

VIA Motors, a leading U.S.-based electric commercial vehicle manufacturing company, announces a Memorandum of Understanding with AUSEV. AUSEV Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of BOSSCAP, a multi-industry organization focused on sovereign capabilities. The partnership entails overlooking the rapid adoption of commercial electric vehicles across Australia. 

The terms of the agreement affirm the sharing of engineering expertise and operations for producing 6500 commercial EVs. The EVs will leverage the specifications of VIA’s VTRUX chassis cabs and skateboards. Moreover, AUSEV will be leveraging BOSSCAP’s remanufacturing capability for converting vehicles to right-hand drives. These undertakings will provide viable EV fleet options for the Australian market that seeks solely electric commercial solutions. 

The Objective of the Partnership Between VIA Motors and AUSEV

Through this partnership, Australian fleet customers will obtain services, right from distribution and marketing to critical charging infrastructure support. The VDRIVE skateboard will offer the flexibility required by AUSEV to position solutions to their diverse clients. Elaborately designed by VIA, the skateboard and Chassis cab will act as an architectural foundation for product offerings. 

Terry Mulcahy, AUSEV Head of Future Business, finds the partnership an empowering aspect of the organization’s objective. It spurs their desire to reinstate automotive manufacturing in Australia. 

Additionally, Jeff Krause, VIA’s Executive Director of Sales, said that the collaboration is an essential first step for the company’s global expansion. It will facilitate the production of reliable, durable, and functional work trucks. These trucks are preferred by drivers for their attractive total cost of ownership.

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