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Docufree Acquires DealerDOCX To Expand Digital Transformation Services

Docufree announces the acquisition of the leading document intelligence solution provider company - DealerDOCX, for digital growth.

Docufree recently acquired DealerDOCX – a document intelligence solution provider. They aim to immerse digital transformation services deeper into the automotive industry.

Building Innovative Digital Transformations for the Automotive Industry

Docufree, a premium enterprise information management provider and digital business service provider, announces the acquisition of DealerDOCX. DealerDOCX is a leading end-to-end and cloud-based document management solution provider for the automotive industry. This strategic acquisition aims at establishing a digital transformation system for automotive industries, enabling seamless auto dealerships. 

DealerDOCX was founded in 2014 as an intelligent document management company with growing verticals in the auto-dealer market. They have a strong base of 350+ customers across several markets and states. Docufree, under the acquisition, will be adding multiple key patents to the DealerDOCX IP portfolio. One such patent is the unique business intelligence software integrated into dealer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It enables quick and secure high-quality cloud-based document management.  

Unifying Commercial Powers of Docufree and DealerDOCX

The company’s patented automated audit-compliance analytics engine powers DealerDOCXs’ SaaS-delivered document-intelligence proprietary cloud solution. The analytics engine evaluates client-specific documents and uses AI to generate audit scorecards and document bundles. Ultimately, the compliance engagements are effectively streamlined for auto-dealerships, ruling out the need for external auditors. Furthermore, this solution eliminates costly government or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) incentive-based compliance violation fines, improving room for revenue. 

DealerDOCX platform preserves strong partnerships with leading industry Dealer Management System (DMS) providers. They offer full integration of the predictive-analytics capabilities of the company to the dealer systems. 

Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of Docufree, David Winkler, talks about the future of the acquisition. He says this acquisition will unite the power of Docufree’s content services platform and DealerDOCXs’ specialized automotive expertise. Consequently, facilitates innovation for existing and future customers.

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