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PMU Inaugurates The First Local Chapter of the NAI

To assist creative minds in transforming the world, the PMU in Saudi Arabia has established a Patent Centre.

With the strong belief in the power of innovation and invention, PMU announces some major creations, such as a Patent Centre, NAI, and a remarkable rise in the number of patents in just two years. 

Intending to embrace the power of invention, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) has successfully established a Patent Centre under the Purview of the deanship of Research. This center aims to protect creative scholarly activities, innovation, students, staff, and other stakeholders in the PMU programs. 

Another Significant Achievement

While walking the next step toward this goal, the Patent Centre has also put forth the inauguration of the first Local Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) in the Middle East. NAI is a US non-profit organization with more than 4000 individual members who are also inventors. These inventors enjoy affiliation with over 250 institutions across the globe, out of which 30 universities are situated outside the US while the other is within the country. 

The PMU continues to boost its inventive spirit by announcing the number of patents acquired by its members registered under the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The number of patents is now 23, notably more than the earlier records. It is a significant rise of 15 in a relatively short span of two years. These patents come from fields such as AI, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. 

Encouraging Innovations

The Patent Centre strives to help the PMU community alongside the inventors in Saudi Arabia and across the globe, aiming to encourage and assist every nation in progressing collaboratively by making the adequate and best use of the potential of inventions. With the inauguration of the centre, PMU has reinforced its passion for innovation and shall continue to do so with its future initiatives.

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