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Portable Glazing Sealant: Novagard’s Innovation Breakthrough for the Windows Market

Novagard has launched a portable version of the world-famous Qwik Set Glazing Sealant to expedite the field installations.

Novagard comes with a sequel to its world-class innovation – Qwik Set Glazing Sealant, which is all set to bring a revolution in the OEM Window Market in the coming days. 

New Version Of The Qwik Set Glazing Sealant

In a recent turn of events, Novagard- an esteemed silicon manufacturer company, has launched a portable version of the Qwik Set Glazing Sealant. The updated version of the original sealant is more efficient as it minimizes the chances of glass shifting or silicone transfer with the ability to cure as quickly as 10-15 minutes. 

This product aims to make the process of hand glazing, field glazing and field installation faster which can be highly useful in tight spots and for repairs. This two-part silicone sealant has a strength of more than 15 psi in just 20 minutes, which is much faster than any sealant available today.

While the original Qwik set Glazing Sealant comes with a variable mix ratio and is great for use on the plant floor, the newest version of the sealant comes with a 2:1 ratio that makes hand glazing at a difficult spot or in field installations spontaneous. 

The Best New Product Award for the Qwik set glazing sealant, by the Fenestration Canada’s Windoor event (held in Toronto in 2021) is also a significant achievement for Novagard. However, the new version of the sealant is all set to steal the show once again with its quick installation and curing capacities. It is more efficient than the previous version and will save a lot of time in field installations and other applications of sealants.

About Novagard

Novagard is a woman-owned and run silicon manufacturer with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The wide range of products manufactured by it includes silicone sealants, coatings, and lubricants, among others. Novagard will also be announcing the release of more innovations in the near future.

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