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Arcline Forms Signia Aerospace, Acquires Mezzo Technologies!

What’s up with Arcline? The Investment Management Firm acquired 2022 Lantern Award winner Mezzo and launched Signia Aerospace.

Arcline announces the launch of Signia Aerospace, a producer of integrated high-performance systems and specialized components for the aerospace sector. It also took hold of Mezzo Technologies.

Signia Aerospace Specializations

In addition to producing cargo hooks and helicopter mission equipment, Signia Aerospace is a market leader, specializing in aviation systems & components.

The activities of Signia are divided into two different business units, with one creating thermal management systems and showcasing the products of Mezzo Technologies. The second focuses on manufacturing equipment used in military and aerospace activities.

It has earned the confidence of the industry’s most prestigious manufacturers, including Airbus, Cirrus Aircraft, Boeing, Bell, and Daher, to mention just a few.

Mezzo Technologies Specializations

Intercoolers, oil coolers, radiators, and other thermal management components manufactured by Mezzo Technologies are used in the power plant, aerospace engineering, car racing, and military operations sectors. Mezzo Technologies develops and produces these components. The production of race car radiators facilitated the expansion of the Baton Rouge company’s commercial operations. The microtubule coolant-air intercoolers produced by Mezzo are the intercoolers with the most significant performance levels in the automobile industry.

Mezzo Technologies Acquisition

Arcline Investment Management is a private equity company. It focuses on growth that is looking to invest in some crucial aspects. These include technology-driven, relevant industrial firms that pave the way for a better future and technological advancement.

Mezzo’s goal is to design, produce, and commercialise products that offer demonstrable beneficial results. This differentiator enables the company to serve various applications across the defence, aerospace, commercial, space, and racing end markets. More than fifty clients worldwide rely on Mezzo to build solutions for their thermal management applications and manufacturing.

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