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Commencement Of BMW iX1* – Contemporary Construction Is Picking Up The Pace In Regensburg

BMW’s announcement for the production of iX1* at the Regensburg Plant in Germany is creating new milestones in the automobile industry.

BMW Group is in a festive aura, proclaiming the start of production of the complete electric BMW iX1* in Regensburg, interpreting the pace of embracing electromobility.

BMW’s embark on the electric journey

The first unit of the electric iX1* has struck the assembly line of Regensburg, promising that one out of three BMWs built in Bavaria in 2024 will be electric and achieve the dream of the decade. The smallest model in the BMW sports activity vehicles will have a voluminous value among electric vehicles. The Board of Management of BMW AG also added that they are implementing the electrification approach, relying on speed and short distances. The company will manufacture all models on a single line of the flexible production process.

Commencement Of BMW iX1* - Contemporary Construction Is Picking Up The Pace In Regensburg
Fully-electric BMW iX1 in the finishing area of assembly at BMW Group Plant Regensburg;

A glimpse of tantalizing technology

The technology implemented at the Regensburg plant revives the future of the automotive segment. The plant was digitally mapped from the recent pilot project, enabling excellent and efficient plant structures and production facilities. Hence, building vehicles powered by gasoline, electricity, or both on the same plant is possible.

The batter next to the Regensburg factory will aid in reducing pollution and ensure a stable supply. To enhance the versatility of the plant, innovative technologies are added. For instance, the paint to apply for the body is employed with Artificial Intelligence, customized for each model to detect any faults early and deliver a seamless experience.

Commencement Of BMW iX1* - Contemporary Construction Is Picking Up The Pace In Regensburg
Mounting the high-voltage battery for the BMW iX1 on the drive unit at BMW Group Plant Regensburg (11/2022).

The investment made for electric components

The AIQX (Artificial Intelligence Quality Next) system assists staff with quality inspections from sample images, using conventional and camera-based approaches. Considering the new technologies, BMW expects to obtain an investment of around 1.6 billion euros at the end of 2022 in electric components at German locations – Dingolfing, Leipzig, and Regensburg. 

BMW – An Overview

BMW, the world’s leading German automaker, is notable for its standard sports sedan and motorcycles. They have also engaged in various business landscapes, including Automotive, Motorcycles, Financial Services, and other entities. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, BMW has extended its global production and sales network. From classic beginnings to contemporary progress, BMW has evolved a long way to impress customers and hold a significant stake in the industry.

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