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Cybellum Announces Distinctive Solution to Enhance Component Visibility

The first-of-its-kind solution to be created by Cybellum to improve safety and visibility of the ECUs based on AUTOSAR.

Cybellum Announces Distinctive Solution to Enhance Component Visibility
Representative Image; Source: Cybellum

In the latest announcement, Cybellum publicized that it will work to create a solution to offer greater visibility and vulnerability analysis for the OEMs and their AUTOSAR-based ECUs. 

Cybellum announced the creation of a first-of-its-kind solution for managing AUTOSAR-based ECUs and their enhanced visibility analysis. They announced this at the 6th Annual Auto-ISAC Summit. This will allow the OEMs and their suppliers to provide more secure vehicles to the customers. Also, the resultant vehicles will comply faster with emerging regulations. 

A Distinctive Solution

The AUTOSAR platform provides ECUs (electric control units) which are deeply embedded. It has bestowed the OEMs with a stable foundation where they can build their distributed software systems. It uses a layered software architecture and a compatible methodology which helps it support microcontroller-based ECUs such as engine control units and life-saving ADAS features. 

This release by Cybellum will help the OEMs to receive full vulnerability and visibility management on a single platform. They will thus be able to comply with the regulations, ensuring that the vehicles and safe from cyber threats. 

What Do The Leaders Say?

The VP of Product Management and Cybellum, Eran Roseberg, portrayed his excitement regarding his support for AUTOSAR. He said the team is constantly working on factors such as threat detection, remediation solutions and expanded vulnerability monitoring for the automotive sector. AUTOSAR is an example of the additional capabilities they add to their product security platform. 

About Cybellum

Cybellum is a leading provider of Product Security Platform that works to ensure the safety of automotive manufacturers. Leaders in the industry use their products to infuse security into the various phases of the product life cycle. They also allow the product security teams to work with the motive of managing cyber risk continuously.



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