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Cybord Comes Together With Siemens Digital Industries Software

The new partnership will make the Cybord AI visual analytics solution accessible to the electronic manufacturers.

This will improve the traceability of the components and prevent the manufacturers from using faulty products in their equipment, saving potential risks and hefty costs incurred.

Cybord signed a new OEM partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software to provide the Cybord AI visual analytics solution. Cybord is a leader in creating AI electronic component analytics software implementing AI and Big Data technology. This partnership will set a new standard in component analytics and traceability.

For every circuit board’s best performance, the electronic components’ authenticity and quality is the most important. However, industries often fail to inspect and provide traceability for their components. This leads to product failures, large-scale recalls and high-return rates that might cost a billion dollars to the industry.

The announcement by Cybord is set to bring forth a solution to set a standard in components analytics and traceability. This AI solution will be a part of Siemens’ manufacturing analytics solutions for the manufacturers of electronic components. It might be integrated as a component of the Manufacturing Execution System or even can be used as a standalone system.

The Words of CEO

Zeev Efrat, the CEO of Cybord said in this regard that the partnership with Siemens will expand their market reach. Thus, they look forward to working with Siemens to provide robust solutions to electronic manufacturers. 

The Analytics Business Unit Manager of Siemens, Izik Avidan said that this solution will help the electronics manufacturers with a scalable way to confirm the authenticity of the components. Consequently, the customers will gain increased transparency and reduced risk through more comprehensive validation.

About Cybord

Cybord is an innovator of the inline AI component analytics software solution. Cybord inline visual AI solution uses SMT machines’ component imaging for visual verification. This helps the manufacturers completely analyze the electronic components at production before placing them in the circuit board. This solution ensures the productivity and quality of the products using AI and Big Data technology.

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