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Fire Risks Cause Ford Motor Co. To Revoke Over 600,000 SUVs

Possible cracked fuel injectors pose engine fire risks, urging Ford Motor Co. to recall over 600,000 SUVs worldwide.

To ensure complete safety, Ford has urged SUV owners across the globe to have their cars inspected, at the earliest, for possible cracked fuel injectors, avoiding hazardous fire risks.

Ford Avoids Potential Fire Risks With Diligent Vehicle Recall

On Thursday, Ford Motor Co. announced the recalling of 634,000 sport utility vehicles (SUVs) worldwide. They took this action over the potential fire risk due to the possibility of cracked fuel injectors. The vehicle company also urged owners to get their cars inspected. 

The latest recall covers SUV engines that, when operated with a cracked fuel injector, result in the accumulation of fuel vapor. This fuel or fuel vapor amasses near hot surfaces and becomes a potential fire risk under the hood. 

This recall, initiated by America’s No.2 automaker by sales, covers Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs of the 2020-2023 model year. This model comes with 3 cylinders and 1.5-liter engines. The current batch also includes vehicles recalled in April due to possible cracking of the oil separator housing. This crack could develop a leak, causing an engine fire. Nonetheless, the earlier recalled and repaired vehicles will require the new recall fix, states the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Once the dealers acquire the repairs, they will update the vehicle software to detect cracks in the fuel injector. A dashboard message will alert the drivers of the detected results. In case the fuel rail shows a pressure drop, risk minimization will be executed through engine power reduction. Regardless of the reduction, customers can drive safely to stop the vehicle and arrange a vehicle service. 

Dealers will check for all possible signs of a leak. The total recall entails 520,000 vehicles in the USA and 114,000 in other countries. The company projects low failure rates for external leaks through fuel injectors and has no deaths linked to the recall.


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