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Green Hills Software, STMicroelectronics, and Cetitec Join Forces for Advanced In-Vehicle Communications Platform

Discover how the groundbreaking collaboration between Green Hills Software, STMicroelectronics, and Cetitec has revolutionized connectivity in automotive zonal controllers.

Greenhills Software, STMicroelectronics, and Cetitech have announced a collaboration to develop an integrated and configurable communication system. It is planned for field controllers in software-defined vehicles (SDVs). The partnership aims to meet the automotive industry’s transition to SDVs requirements into the solution. It would include integration of ECUs to high-performance computing units with regional controllers.

ST Stellar Integration MCUs offer significant performance improvements compared to previous generations. The features include expandable memory, OTA support, enabling OEMs to update automotive components on time. Green Hills’ µ- velOSity RTOS, which runs on Stellar MCUs, benefits from easy integration with the Stellar Studio development environment. This facilitating faster application development and debugging.

Cetitec presented a demonstration showcasing the Cetitec Gateway and Distributed Communications Framework (CDCF), which integrates vehicle-specific protocols with Ethernet-based architectures. This solution is highly configurable and supports a variety of vehicle network protocols. Communication between cores is done using CDCF, providing seamless communication between Cetitec Gateway and ECU applications running on μ-velOSity RTOS. 

The integrated solution also includes support for Green Hills ASIL-certified MULTI IDE and C/C++ compilers. This increases developer productivity and facilitates the maintenance and optimization of multicore processors such as ST Stellar MCUs. Advanced debugging tools such as History event viewer and TimeMachine debugger help to quickly identify and resolve software issues. 

ST Automotive Microcontroller Business Unit Director Davide Santo emphasizes the role of collaboration. It aims to provide safe and efficient solutions for the vehicles of the future. Dan Mender, VP of Business Development at Greenhills Software, emphasizes the importance of reducing development costs and uptime for OEMs adopting the SDV system. Cetitec CEO Dr. Michael Back emphasizes the importance of collaboration in providing a framework for seamless application development to ensure the success of SDV. 

Green Hills, ST, and Cetitec will showcase the Zonal Controller Solution platform at Embedded World 2024, April 9-11, in the Green Hills Booth #4-325 and ST Booth #4 A-148. OEMs or Tier 1 suppliers who want to learn more or see a demo at Embedded World can schedule a tour at https://ghs.com/events/ew_2024.html.

About Greenhills Software

Founded in 1982, Greenhills Software is a global leader in embedded security and defence. In 2008, Greenhills INTEGRITY-178 RTOS was the first and only operating system to be certified by NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership developed by NSA & NIST) as EAL 6+, High Robustness, the highest level of security which any software has ever commercialized. Our open architecture integrated development solutions address multiple requirements. Deeply embedded, absolute security and high-reliability applications for military/avionics, medical, industrial, automotive, communications, and consumer markets demanding industry-proven solutions. Greenhills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Visit Green Hills Software at https://www.ghs.com.

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