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What are OEM Parts in Cars? Are They Safe To Use?

The world of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and OEM parts is expanding through multiple brands like BMW, Ford & Toyota.

Original Equipment Manufacturer makes cars and their replacement parts, known as OEM parts. Aftermarket parts serve a similar purpose but as a different source.  

What Are OEM Parts?

After a point of time, the automotive parts require replacements. The replacement parts of a car, when acquired from the car’s manufacturing company, are known as Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. These parts are made to fit all the specifications of the car perfectly. For example, for replacing the Toyota Camry, there are designated Toyota OEM parts made by the company or an OEM unit appointed by the brand. 

Another may sell the OEM parts of a company under the same logo and branding. In the case of BMW OEM parts, they outsource their production to a manufacturer. All the product designs are made and approved by the BMW company first. 

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

The aftermarket parts are made by manufacturers of the same or different car brands and are suitable for multiple products or models. For example, a navigation system manufactured aftermarket is used in Ford, BMW, Honda, and many other cars. The versatility of the aftermarket parts makes them attractive. 

Difference Between OEM Parts And Aftermarket Parts

The difference between OEM parts and Aftermarket parts depends on multiple factors, as discussed below –

  • Safety And Authenticity 

Though the aftermarket products utilize high-end technology, the automotive OEM parts precisely meet the car’s specifications. However, there is always a risk of the aftermarket part not fitting your car model. OEM Honda parts will effortlessly fit the Honda car of a designated model. This ensures the safety and originality of the parts. 

  • Price

The OEM parts possess a particular car maker’s markup that increases its cost. The aftermarket parts are usually sold to a car maker by their manufacturers, reducing the extra cost of markup. 

  • Manufacturer Of The Parts

OEM parts are made by the company that manufactures the car in the first place. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are made by a third-party company. 

  • Performance Of The Parts

The versatility and high-volume production feature of the aftermarket parts give them a performance edge, yet, the kind and quality are similar to the OEM parts

Expanding Ecosystem of OEM Parts

As the breaking down of cars is inevitable, the demand for replacement parts will forever sustain. Depending on the model of your car, the type of part you require, and the authenticity of the part you procure, you can choose between OEM parts and aftermarket parts for your car.

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