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Elix Extends Agreement with a Global OEM Medical Supplier

The new agreement between Elix & Neonode covers deliveries during 2022 and 2023 with a total value of over $400,000.

Elix Systems renewed its contract with Neonode to employ more of the company’s Touch Sensor Modules. It also enables touch interaction on displays in medical ultrasonography systems.

Agreement Between Elix Systems and Neonode

Elix incorporates a 374 mm Neonode Touch Sensor Module into a Touch Frame System to provide touch capabilities for ultrasound systems’ 19″ LCD medical displays. The high-performing touch capabilities allow doctors to give patients an insightful diagnostic and a more effective conversation. Elix extended its contract because Touch Sensor Modules using Neonode technology could work with the equipment’s current design and satisfy the performance standards. Alternative proposed capacitive touch options would have required redesigning the medical devices and recertifying their compliance.

About Elix Systems SA

A skilled engineering group with a passion for autonomous flying vehicles founded Elix Systems in 2020. The seasoned engineering team creates electronics solutions for extremely demanding areas like avionics and medicine. It uses its strong background in video processing, security, and human-machine interface. Elix Systems is dedicated to continuously enhancing its quality management system and processes to foresee and meet its customers’ needs and offer the tools required to reach its goals.

About Neonode Inc

In terms of multi-modal human-machine interface (HMI) technologies, Neonode has a long history of invention. We are the go-to company for cutting-edge Contactless Touch, Touch, and In-Cabin Monitoring. More than 80 million products worldwide currently use Neonode’s tested technology. We have more than 100 patents internationally, and since 2012, we have been listed on Nasdaq in New York.

Neonode’s clientele includes some of the most well-known Fortune 500 businesses in the consumer electronics, office equipment, automobile, elevator, and interactive kiosk sectors.


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