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Lytx Collaborates With Daimler Truck NAM For OEM Integration

Lytx Inc. announces first-ever OEM integration project with Daimler Truck North America and reveals new safety solutions.

Lytx unveils innovative safety solutions for parked commercial vehicles. They will be powered by the Lytx Vision Platform before the ATA MCE 2022 trucking conference in San Diego.

Refining Safety Solutions and the Future of OEM

Lytx Inc., a provider of video telematics solutions to industry leaders, announced a pioneering OEM integration collaboration with Daimler Truck North America. The integration will utilize Lytx’s premium video telematics system and novel camera solution for select Freightliner and Western Star models. 

The collaboration is powered by the Lytx Vision Platform, helping OEM partners and clients leverage the company’s video, big data, and AI expertise. The solutions will anchor on Lytxs’ unique and highly configurable DriveCam components. 

During the production of new vehicle models, these components will be integrated. The Lytx-equipped trucks will be built in early 2023 for the Freightliner Cascadia and Western Star X-Series line of 47X, 49X, and 57X models. Customers can start ordering by late Fall and can purchase from company factories. 

Parking Feature for Ultimate Truck Safety

Along with the OEM integration, the company unveiled a new parked vehicle trigger feature that protects fleets from risky parking. The feature will help fleet managers increase parking visibility and improve driver safety. It is developed through close collaboration with customers of Lytx Lab. 

Lytx Lab is an ideation sector for Lytx engineers and safety experts where they work with customers, addressing market needs. The Parked Highway/Ramp triggers when the Lytx DriveCam event recorder assesses the position of a stopped vehicle. It identifies whether the vehicle is on the shoulder of a highway, an interstate, or an off/on ramp. If a risky parking event is identified, the fleet manager is notified for intervention and to send nearby safe parking locations via GPS to the driver. 

At the American Trucking Association’s 2022 Management Conference & Exhibition (MCE) from October 22-25, Lytx will discuss these announcements and “The Future of Safety.”

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