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Salom Collaborates with Iontra’s Revolutionary Battery Charging Tech

Discover the revolutionary collaboration between Salom Products and Iontra, bringing you an update about your favorite devices with innovative battery charging technology.

On the 2nd of April, Iontra Inc., known for its groundbreaking developments in battery charging technology, unveiled a strategic alliance with Salom Europe Limited, a global leader in electrical solutions and battery chargers. Salom has a reputation as a leading manufacturer of electrical solutions and a trusted partner of many Fortune 100 organizations. Boasting over 3 billion electrical products on offer, this collaboration is promising to develop innovation and confidence in battery protection solutions.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in Iontra’s use of charge control innovation. Both organizations are actively exploring ways to integrate Iontra’s technology into Salome’s OEM customer solutions, either in charger products or directly into end-user devices. Iontra’s charging technology has demonstrated incredible capabilities, such as doubling the life of commercially available lithium batteries and offering twice as fast charging speeds. All of this while maintaining high safety standards and expanding its commitment to first-class electricity solutions. 

“We are excited to adopt Iontra’s charging technology to unlock the full potential of Lithium-ion battery performance for millions of consumers. Combined with Salom’s proven portfolio of innovative power supply and charger solutions, we will begin to offer significant advantages to our customers by maximizing battery charge performance and cycle life, as well as enabling our customers to accelerate their corporate sustainability goals cost-effectively,”  said Andy Richardson, Vice President of business development at Salom Europe Limited. 

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with an established leader and globally respected company like Salom. This is an important milestone to make Iontra’s charge technology broadly accessible by partnering with Salom to begin the charging technology revolution.” said Jeff Granato, CEO at Iontra.


About Salom

Salom is a leading designer and manufacturer of power supplies and battery chargers worldwide. Known for its innovation, quality, and reliability, it serves millions of customers worldwide. Salome Europe Limited is headquartered in Hungerford, UK.

About Iontra

Founded in 2013, Iontra is a leading deep technology company headquartered in Colorado, It specializes in fabless semiconductor and software solutions. It changes the charging speed, cycle life, power consumption, cold air charging and overall safety of lithium batteries. Iontra operates from offices in Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, India, and Bangalore, India.


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