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SHELLBACK Introduces Cutting-Edge MERCURY™+ Batch Spray System

Discover the latest innovation in spray systems with SHELLBACK's inaugural launch of MERCURY™+ from their manufacturing hub in Coopersburg, PA. Experience enhanced performance and efficiency like never before.

SHELLBACK Semiconductor Technology is a global leader in capital equipment solutions for the emerging semiconductor market. It proudly announces the shipment of its first MERCURY™+ batch spray system from its Coopersburg, PA facility and headquarters. The batch spray system, acquired from Tokyo Electron (TEL) in November 2023 is an important change in the MERCURY™ product coverage under SHELLBACK’s management.

The successful delivery of the MERCURY™+ batch spray system underscores SHELLBACK’s commitment to easy integration and excellent customer service. Mike Lombardi, COO of SHELLBACK, praises the Pennsylvania team’s extraordinary dedication, highlighting the importance of this event in the transformation process.

“We are very proud of our team’s exceptional accomplishments in Coopersburg,” Mike Lombardi said. “To ship our first Mercury+ system within five months of the procurement agreement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our entire team and to our commitment to high-quality solutions will provide our customers around the world.”

Additionally, Wayne Jeveli, CEO of SHELLBACK, expressed his pride in the organization’s concerted efforts to adopt the MERCURY™+ product, emphasizing its value in SHELLBACK’s industry-leading wet process technology. There is an increasing demand for high throughput and cost-effective solutions in 200mm fabs. SHELLBACK is ready to provide comprehensive support across the MERCURY™+ product range, including planning, development, parts, and technology, including functionality. 

In addition, SHELLBACK’s agreement with TEL provides intellectual property rights for the MERCURY™+ product range. This has empowered the company to provide new and remanufactured systems, upgrades, parts, and field service support worldwide. This includes upgrading existing systems in customer fabs with the latest MERCURY™+ controller.



The MERCURY™/MERCURY™+ batch spray cleaning system offers unparalleled flexibility to meet the needs of different designs in a compact footprint. Its high throughput addresses the need for large batches, while its straightforward hardware conversion enables easy processing of wafer sizes from 100mm to 200mm Due to its low cost of ownership, MERCURY™+ the system remains popular for fabs worldwide.

SHELLBACK semiconductor technology combines two distinct semiconductor brands—OEM Group and RITE Track—with more than 50 years of combined global experience. SHELLBACK is committed to innovation and excellent customer service, providing new and innovative semiconductor capital equipment and services to empower emerging and established markets. This includes Power Devices, Photonics & LED, MEMS & Sensors, Wireless & Analog, and Memory/Storage with a large installed base including over 800 customers worldwide. SHELLBACK offers proprietary products such as SEMITOOL, VARIAN, Applied P5000, SVG Track, and more. Notably, SHELLBACK offers leading technology for Wafer Carrier Inspection and Cleaning through its EAGLEi and STORM systems together.

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