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Tech Mahindra and Anritsu Collaborate to Establish IoT Experience Lab in Fremont, California

Tech Mahindra has collaborated with Anritsu to launch an IoT experience lab, a potential step to deliver high-quality solutions.

Positioned in Tech Mahindra’s Forefront, CA facility, the lab’s ultimate goal is to build a simple and cost-effective environment for 5G IoT, enabling the gadget manufacturers to ensure their confidence in the product through pre-commercialization

Innovative IoT Experience Lab

The Experience Lab will serve as an incubator as well as a research and development centre, aiding the device OEMs to gauge their performance in their early development phase, analyse their outcomes of applications in various verticals and enable them to launch the best-in-class IoT products to the society. It holds the Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C, Signalling Tester MD8475B, and Wireless Connectivity Test Set (WLAN) MT88862A. 

A Futuristic Approach

With the advancements in 5G aiding the evaluation of innovative use cases in IoT and creating new opportunities, Tech Mahindra’s NXT.NOW strategy focuses on accelerating the adoption of 5G among enterprises. This futuristic approach will help diminish the chances of potential failure or returns when the device is connected to the enterprise’s networks.

Anritsu – Redefining the Revolutions

Anritsu is a global provider of test and measurement solutions for wireline and wireless technologies used in commercial, private, military, aerospace, government, and other industries. Their collaboration with Tech Mahindra is to offer a cost and time-effective resource where the devices can be verified in accordance with the specification of real-world’s challenging environments.

Tech Mahindra – Pioneer in Digital Transformation

Tech Mahindra aims to deliver contemporary and customer-centric digital experiences, thriving to create a sustainable future. The collaboration with Anritsu is to harness the unwavering power of simple yet smart application software from Anritsu, automatically perform functional, performance, stress, and regression tests, and deliver user-friendly reports to analyse the device performance.

As a pioneer in the 5G Revolution, Tech Mahindra takes pride in being part of the mission of creating a digitally connected world.

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