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Sonatus Joins Renesas R-Car Consortium to Accelerate Software-Defined Vehicle Innovation

Sonatus teams up with Renesas R-Car Consortium to develop cutting-edge technologies and speed up innovation.

The Renesas R-Car Consortium has welcomed Sonatus, a world leader in software-defined vehicle technology, to help speed innovation and provide end-to-end development assistance for Sonatus’ sophisticated Connected Car & ADAS solutions.

A collaboration between Sonatus & Renesas R-Car Consortium

Sonatus, a world leader in software-defined vehicle technology, teamed together with Renesas R-Car Consortium, a world leader in automotive semiconductors, to make it easier for system developers to further cut down on the number of development processes and expenses necessary to bring the power of software-defined vehicle automation to market more quickly while also lowering complexity and cost in the face of rapid change. Also, with the help of the R-Car Consortium, customers can sort through the deluge of information and choose the partners and solutions that will best position them for success.

Sonatus – Overview

The Sonatus Digital Dynamics platform assists manufacturers in laying the groundwork for dynamic software-defined vehicles that can adapt and change in real time, enabling them to innovate more quickly, cut costs and complexity, and increase agility. The company condenses decades of digital innovation into scalable vehicle and cloud software solutions by leveraging considerable software-defined and automotive knowledge. This allows OEMs to innovate more quickly, with less complexity and expense and greater agility. The award-winning Digital Dynamics platform from Sonatus is already in use in Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis automobiles and will be in millions more by 2023.

Renesas R-Car Consortium – Overview

Renesas, a leader in automotive semiconductors on a global scale, fosters a collaborative environment for system developers that is adaptable and diversified. Renesas aims to make every endpoint intelligent by providing product solutions in the automotive, industrial, infrastructure, and IoT markets. This will help to create a safer, healthier, greener, and smarter world.


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