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Dominion DMS To Partner With The Honda iN Technology

The new technology will greatly benefit the Honda and Acura dealers in the US in getting access to essential information.

The Honda iN technology works to cut down the extensive process of acquiring data to provide essential insights to the dealers regarding multiple facets of the two-wheelers.

Dominion DMS announced integration with Honda iN Plus on Wednesday to reduce manual processing steps. This will allow it to process the information sent to American Honda Motors through a secure internet connection. The information will be provided to the Honda and Acura dealers.

Features of Honda iN Plus

  • Warranty Claims- This feature will send warranty claims for every repair order and eliminate double entry of warranty claim information. It will help the dealers summarize the customer’s complaint and its resolution.
  • VIN Inquiry Interface– With this feature, the dealers can generate vehicle history data before creating the repair order. It will include complete information regarding the vehicle service and status.
  • Parts Order/ Part Return- This will allow seamless entering and submission of the data relating to parts orders and return data. The dealers can input multiple parts orders at one time and choose the part orders that need to be processed first.
  • Electronics Parts Catalog- With this, Honda dealers can look up the parts required to complete a repair. It also helps them check automatically the Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) dealer and their parts database to ensure that the parts are in stock or not. It also includes a feature to locate Honda warehouse parts automatically. The part order can be sent to Honda directly from the catalog.


VUE DMS is a new cloud server-based dealer management system built on Microsoft Azure Cloud. It provides automotive dealers in the US with features such as digital security, flexibility, and efficiency. The dealers can deliver a superior buying experience at reduced costs.

About Dominion Dealer Solutions

Dominion Dealer Solutions is the proud owner of the VUE DMS technology on which every OEM and more than 6000 dealers depend. Other products of Dominion DMS include DataOne, Dealer Specialities, Activator Dealer Solutions, etc.


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