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Xcite Automotive to partner with Cox2M to harness LotVision!

Xcite Automotive integrates Xcite Locate with Cox2M's software portal for seamless automotive dealership network operations.

Xcite Locate partnered with Cox2M to provide an online platform for dealers to track the real-time location, status updates, and other app-less workflow vehicle inventory management. It allows Xcite’s staff photographers to track & identify the vehicles for product photoshoots without delays and get them ready to sell by accessing real-time GPS data powered by LotVision. This integration with Frontline software helps Xcite Automotive save time and money.

Skip Dowd (CSO of ‘Xcite Automotive’) said they are excited to bring Xcite Locate to Frontline. Says it helps their dealers and field employees with increased visibility, transparency, and communication for vehicles on & off the lot. He adds that this partnership with Cox2M brings years of work & innovation to market by reducing time & make the vehicles frontline ready.

COX2M’s Head of Commercial Lisa McDonough says they will continue innovations collaborately with Xcite Automotive to address & simplify the dealership network operations. With Xcite’s industry-leading marketing, reconditioning & merchandising services, and COX2M’s vehicle location & health diagnostic solutions, they believe they can provide best-in-class solutions for dealers in vehicle lifecycle needs.

Xcite Automotive is adding more capabilities by developing a software suite that includes the Frontline and a recent acquisition of CarsbyText, a dealership operations automation platform.

Xcite Automotive’s CEO Phil Penton says they are doubling their investments in innovative solutions to leverage the platforms to more seamlessly move, acquire & locate the vehicles across dealership networks & OEM Enterprise platforms in the industry.

About Xcite Automotive:

Xcite Automotive is an automotive Digital Marketing company based in the United States of America. It serves 1000+ dealers upgrading vehicle merchandising efforts with a team of 400+ highly trained field personnel and best-in-class software to create stunning vehicle photos, videos, and 360° virtual walkarounds.


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