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Johnson Controls and Accenture to Establish Two OpenBlue Innovation Centers

In a recent collaboration, Johnson Controls is ready to partner with Accenture to launch two more OpenBlue Innovation Centers.

The two global technology giants- Accenture and Johnson Controls come together to establish two new OpenBlue Innovation Centers in the Indian cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad.  

The Coming Together of Two Giants

In June 2022, Johnson Controls initiated a collaboration with Accenture to begin the operations of two new OpenBlue Innovation Centers. These centers will assist in creating and launching the building control systems created by Johnson. The control systems are developed using multiple technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Twins, 5G, the IoT (Internet of Things), and Cloud Services. The ulterior motive of this is to strengthen and fasten the process of automation and its application in the creation and operation of buildings so that factors such as safety, security, and greater sustainability are achieved.

Accenture will assist Johnson in this venture by using its cutting-edge technologies in the Innovation Centers. Some of the technologies that Accenture will use include AI-led analytics, oxygen and carbon dioxide saturation in airflows, risks of infectious disease, etc. The Digital Twins will be used to enable Johnson Controls so that they can analyze the technology and suggest upgrades and changes to be made regarding the maintenance and sustainability of the controls. This technology will replace the physical prototypes, reducing the usage of resources, carbon emissions, costs, and time which benefits industries. 

The Blueprint of a Sustainable Future

This collaboration between Johnson- the global leader for sustainable buildings, and Accenture, aims to create smarter, more sustainable, and more attractive buildings. They intend to revolutionize the way buildings are made and the controls are added to them while taking care of the environment. The use of digital twins technology will cut about 50% of carbon dioxide emissions. The two OpenBlue Innovation Centers are being inaugurated in Bangalore and Hyderabad, respectively. 

About OpenBlue Innovation Centers

OpenBlue Innovation Centers are being founded by Johnson Controls in different parts of the world as a result of collaboration between experts from multiple industries to provide smart, healthy, and sustainable solutions to the builders. 

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