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BMW: HyCET 11.3 Million Euros Research & Development Project

The consortium promotes sustainable transportation logistics with hydrogen trucks as part of the research project.

Trucks with combustion engines are being tested as a sustainable long-distance transportation option, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV). 

Hydrogen Combustion Engine Trucks (HyCET) Research Project

The study project aims to show how environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered trucks might be for logistics delivery. Along with technology advancement, the other problem for HyCET is the necessary infrastructure, including publicly accessible hydrogen filling stations. 

Hydrogen is a viable fuel for transport logistics because of its quick filling times, large payload, adaptability, and appealing range. Thus, CO2-free long-distance logistics will be possible in the coming future thanks to the utilization of green hydrogen generated from renewable sources. The trucks are also regarded as zero-emission vehicles under EU laws due to the little emissions produced by hydrogen combustion.

Backed By Partners And Funded By BMDV

A total of 19.5 million euros will be invested in the HyCET research project, of which 11.3 million euros will come from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV). Two public hydrogen filling stations, mostly for heavy goods traffic, were built with an additional 5.7 million euros in funding from the BMDV throughout the HyCET project.

For the four-year endeavor, the network has set high goals for itself. Two 18-ton trucks and two 40-ton trucks with hydrogen combustion engines are being developed with the intention of testing them in routine BMW Group and DEUTZ transport logistics. Two new hydrogen filling stations will be constructed in Leipzig and Nuremberg, including ones for heavy utility vehicles, to make it easier for these trucks to operate daily.

In addition to advancing infrastructure development and filling regulations for utility vehicles, research into the creation and use of hydrogen trucks will also be continued. The trucks will go through a thorough technical assessment because this is one of the first research projects where vehicles of this class will drive in typical logistics traffic.

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