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Human Horizons Selected BlackBerry for its Ultra-Futuristic HiPhi Z Vehicle Development

BlackBerry Ltd announced that its subsidiary business unit 'QNX Technology' to collaborate with a Chinese automotive tech company Human Horizons.

BlackBerry Limited announced that its subsidiary tech business unit ‘QNX Technology‘ was selected by a Chinese automotive tech company Human Horizons. The partnership is to enhance the technology of Human Horizon’s flagship vehicle HiPhi Z focussing on an autonomous driving controller & intelligent digital cockpit controller.

Human Horizons to advance the QNX Neutrino Realtime Operating System (RTOS)QNX OS for Safety, & QNX Hypervisor. And combine the latest technological innovations for HiPhi Z with style & comfort to offer the next-level driving experience to its customers.

Designed with advanced digital features & unique functionality, and HiPhi Z boasts an ultra-futuristic spaceship-like digital cockpit and advanced AI voice assistant. Enhancing multiple aspects of the driver & passenger experience, it consists of features where the HiPhi bot can turn the central control screen to the most comfortable angle, nods & greets the driver. And it makes some movements in sync with the beat of the music.

In HiPhi Z’s digital cockpit, the QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX Hypervisor are to provide outstanding design flexibility and scalability. The QNX Hypervisor allows multiple systems with different OS environments to get consolidated onto a centralized hardware platform, saving development time & long-term costs of ownership with ensuring safety & security.

Dhiraj Handa, VP, Channel, Partners, and Asia-Pacific ‘BlackBerry IoT‘ says that BlackBerry’s expertise in safety, security, & continued innovation is what makes OEMs look to them to power & solve complex new vehicle architectures. He added that they are pleased with this collaboration with Human Horizons on building Digital Cockpit, Autonomous Driving, High-Performance computing (HPC), and Central Gateway technologies.

Mark Stanton, CTO of Human Horizons, says BlackBerry is a trusted partner to collaborate in achieving their ‘3-Smart‘ strategic blueprint, supporting the growth of Smart cars, Smart transportation, and smart cities. He added Human Horizons focused on bringing futuristic vehicles to life with connected, intelligent, safe & advanced technology. And are excited to launch their HiPhi Z and the HiPhi X dual flagship models.


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